Cheap Thrill: Tibi's $90 Hat Found For Just $8

We approve of investing in accessories and statement pieces, and a bright pink snow hat fits both of these descriptions. But doling out almost $100 for a Tibi tag that comes with this super-cute beanie makes our head hurt (and not just from the cold). Why, walking down St. Marks just the other day, we spotted a look-alike hat for a fraction of that price. At just $8, you can score a stand-out winter piece without emptying your wallet. Still too much for you? On St. Marks, haggling is allowed— start by offering $5 and see where it will get you. Sure, it's only a couple of bucks, but add that to the $82 you've already saved, and you could pick yourself up a pair of killer boots to rock along with the hat in the snow.
Photo: Via Net-A-Porter

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