Our Super-Sized Fall Nail-Polish Guide!

Nail-polish has officially made it into the fashion big-league, becoming a statement-making finishing touch that's just as critical to an ensemble as the shoes on your feet. And, leave it to fall's lacquer collections to get us super-psyched for the fast-approaching season—because there’s a bevy of can’t-miss shades out there, just waiting to adorn your talons. So, put summer's brights on spin-cycle and get ready to artfully cool things down with a palette that's colorful, but with a dusky, deeper, jewel-toned twist. Think earthy, shimmery greens, stormy blues, and reds that deepen into wine- and rust-colored hues. Or almost-sooty mauve-meets-purple shades—and, if neutrals are more your game, the nude and gray families get hints of richness, too. With 32 bottles to choose from...you'll have a new tip tone for every day of the month!