Announcing R29 Beautycon: A New Era in Experiential Beauty

Today we are very excited to share some big news: Beautycon, the industry’s most revered beauty event, is joining forces with Refinery29! This partnership marks a new era in beauty events driven by innovation, inclusivity and authenticity.
Brought back to prominence by Essence Ventures since its acquisition in 2021, for over a decade Beautycon has been dedicated to fostering connections within the beauty community, serving as a platform to spotlight the creators, entrepreneurs, and artists shaping the industry's landscape. 
Complementing Beautycon’s excellence, Refinery29 Beauty is an authority and voice in the industry, known for its honest, unfiltered expert advice, and fresh, unexpected approach. R29 Beauty stands as a beacon of authenticity, offering unconventional ways for all generations to experience beauty and its services.

Here's what you can expect from R29 Beautycon this year:

Where authority meets experience: R29 Beautycon is slated to make its debut in November 2024 in Los Angeles. This live, multi-channel event and experience will offer a dynamic new platform, one that seamlessly blends Refinery29's esteemed beauty authority with the expansive reach and power of Beautycon. Programming and event details will be unveiled in the coming months on both Refinery29 and 
Expanding reach and influence: This partnership extends Refinery29's reach to even more women and niche communities, creating an expanded sisterhood of brands brought together by Sundial Media Group. Together, we will amplify our impact and empower a diverse spectrum of voices within the beauty community.
Pioneering experiential production: Refinery29 stands as a trailblazer and pioneer in experiential production, setting the standard with iconic events like the Beauty Innovator Awards, 29Rooms, and Unbothered's The Glow Up. If you’re at the Cannes Advertising festival this June, check out a special BeautyCannes (wink wink) preview of what’s to come!
Elevating brand visibility: Our integrated approach offers a comprehensive suite of brand offerings, including influencer programming and activations, paneling, brand demonstrations, and booths. What's more, our programming on Refinery29’s site mirrors the immersive experiences of our live events, creating a synergy between digital and physical platforms. This unique ability to package our media and content with real-world programming enhances engagement and brings added authority to Refinery29 as a leading media outlet in the beauty sphere. Get ready to experience beauty content in a whole new dimension, where digital innovation meets real-world impact.
We are so excited about this strategic moment of collaboration and synergy across our two companies and look forward to it elevating the event in 2024. Together, we'll write the next chapter in the story of beauty, one that embraces inclusivity and authenticity.

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