Angus Cloud Smells Like A Cocktail Party

Photo: Courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren.
Last week, a five minute meeting looming on my Google Calendar felt really big. Because of the short window of time on the reminder, the blue bubble was teeny and I could barely discern the text, but I didn't need to read it to know what it said: 'Ralph Lauren Fragrances Interview with Angus Cloud.'
By the time I dialed into the call, my nervousness dissipated and I felt super excited to talk to the actor, in part, to suss out his likeness Fezco, the kindhearted drug dealer he plays on Euphoria. Following the fanfare of the show's second season, it was no wonder Cloud landed a brand deal with a brand like Ralph Lauren. Ahead, we get personal, chatting about Cloud's POV on fashion, why he stopped thrift shopping when it got overhyped, and his "all-natural" skin-care routine. Though he is a man of few words, he had me hanging on every one. To make a comparison to Fez, Cloud's thoughtfulness is certainly part of his charm.
Refinery29: This is a cool campaign for Polo. Stylistically, you're definitely not Fez from Euphoria. I'm curious, how would you describe your personal style?
Angus Cloud: My personal style is, I don't know, kind of preppy player. Preppy, punk skater.
R29: Has your style changed at all since you started acting?
Cloud: No.
R29: How do you like to shop for clothes? Are you into thrift shopping?
Cloud: Sometimes. Not as much. More people started doing it, more young people, so I kind of stopped.
R29: What's your favorite thing to wear by Ralph Lauren? How does the brand fit into your life?
Cloud: I would always buy collared shirts. I just really liked the colors of Polos.
R29: Do you remember the first Polo you ever bought?
Cloud: It was black and red striped.
R29: What about fragrance, what cologne do you wear?
Cloud: Right now, I wear Polo cologne.
R29: What does it smell like?
Cloud: It smells like, I don't know how to say it. It smells like a cocktail party. Like a fresh shoe.
R29: What products do you use on your skin? Do you have skin-care routine?
Cloud: I just put some lotion or oil on my face and that's it.
R29: Do you know the specific product, or the brand that makes it? Is that important to you?
Cloud: My homegirl makes some all-natural stuff, like oils, that I'll use. 
R29: On Euphoria, did they use a lot of beauty products on you?
Cloud: Nah, I don't take no makeup. I just put a little lotion.
R29: Did you steal any of the wardrobe from set?
Cloud: Yeah, I took some stuff. I definitely took some of the Polo they had.
R29: Other than Fez, who has the best style in Euphoria?
Cloud: Maybe Alexa. Or, what's her name? Maddy.
R29: Fez wear a lot of jewelry on the show. Do you wear jewelry? Do you have pieces that mean something?
Cloud: Nah, not really. I have a couple of chains and a couple of watches. I just got G-Shocks and a couple of Polo watches.
R29: What do you use in your hair and beard? What would someone find in your shower?
Cloud: Head & Shoulders. Old reliable. 

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