Your February 2022 Horoscope Is Here, & These Are The Dates Bringing Huge Changes

Illustration by barbarianflower

February 1st opens with an electric new moon in Aquarius. This lunation is taking us back to the Saturn and Uranus aspects of 2021 that occurred on February 17, June 14, and December 24. It’s a make it or break it time for all situations that we have been unsure about. 
Mercury ends its retrograde journey that began on January 14 on February 3, allowing all communication, travel, and information to flow. The caveat is that Mercury will be in its post-Rx retroshade zone until February 23, which can still make matters wonky. Mercury re-enters Aquarius on February 14, taking us back to the beginning of 2022 when the trickster planet first entered the air sign. This is the second telling of that story. 
Metamorphic Pluto connects with the Nodes of Destiny on the 14th, making Valentine’s Day a time in which partnerships and relationships can evolve. Meanwhile, the Leo full moon on the 16th urges us to commit and find solace in who or what we love. 
The second half of the month asks us to sink into our emotions: Expansive Jupiter in Pisces and invigorating Uranus in Taurus harmonize on February 17, bringing flashy and exciting new insights our way. Then, on the 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces, heightening our intuition and emotions for the next 30 days. February ends with a bang, in the form of the much-anticipated U.S. Pluto return, which has the potential to completely transform the country.