Blake’s Sister Raised All The Burning Bachelorette Questions We Have For Him

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Usually I'm screaming things at my TV when I watch The Bachelorette that I know the contestants will never hear. But when Blake Moynes' sister Taylor Moynes showed up for his hometown date, she said everything fans have been saying about Blake — only she said it right to his face. Taylor opened the conversation by pointing out that Katie Thurston is the third Bachelorette that Blake has fallen for in under a year. "So this is the one now?" Taylor asked. "You were so set like before you even met Clare [Crawley] you were like, 'I love her' … And then Tayshia [Adams] came in. You're in love again like right away." 
Blake seemed a little thrown off by his sister's line of questioning, but it's only fair to ask those questions — they're the same questions Bachelor Nation has been asking too. Blake's history with the two previous Bachelorettes was also one of Thurston's concerns when Blake first joined her season. Right Reasons and all that. While Katie and Blake quickly moved past those possible red flags and jumped into forging their own relationship together, Taylor was looking to pull Blake back down to the ground a little. Even after Blake defended that his love for Thurston was real, Taylor then asked him why he was waiting to say he loved her. "What if someone else has already said it?" she said, sending him into a tiny bit of a panic.
This is the kind of sibling interaction all Bachelorette contestants need during hometowns. So much of the show is built in a fantasyland with dates that end in fireworks and free diamond rings. These men need someone who will honestly help figure them out if they really do want to get down on one knee after about six weeks of knowing a person. 
Taylor wasn't the only family member to get serious about the ~journey~. Blake's mom almost instantly asked the duo if their relationship was more than physical. Way to just get right into it! Justin Glaze's family called out the brief timeline of The Bachelorette. His mom said that while she and Glaze's dad supported him, they couldn't understand how he could be close to proposing after such a short time.
Apparently, at least, Blake's family will be back with more truth bombs, too. Thurston teased on Twitter that we can expect to see her again in the August 9 finale episode. (Guess Blake makes it through hometowns, huh?)
It can often be frustrating to be a Bachelorette fan as the lead makes choices you wouldn't make yourself or keeps people around you don't think are right. At last we had this shining hometown moment where Taylor and her mother grilled Blake the same way fans would if they could after two seasons of Bachelorette shenanigans. And thanks to Thurston's spoiler alert, we have that to look forward to in the finale too. No matter who Thurston chooses, we're team Taylor.

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