Every Burning Question About Bachelor Rings That You’re Gonna Have After Peter’s Wild Finale

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Peter's season of The Bachelor may have been kind of a dud — started out too early with the contestant drama, indecisive Bachelor, possible Mesnick situation with the ending here — but post-finale, at least we'll have something shiny to look at? Even if Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss turns Peter down post-proposal (which, hey, either woman might, you never know), Bachelor viewers will get to see one heck of a beautiful engagement ring, provided to The Bachelor franchise care of Neil Lane. And those Bachelor engagement rings cost a lot.
Jeweler Lane has been around the Bachelor block, giving nearly every Bachelor and Bachelorette final suitor a chance to heteronormatively pick the ring that would best suit his potential wife. Strangely enough, Lane does not watch the show (he told the New York Times so last year), so he doesn't see his selection on TV. I guess he just memorizes them all and sets them out in the world like his shiny, sparkly children. As we see the gems that Peter selects for his potential future bride, here's how the rings and proposals all work — use it as trivia to impress your Bachelor-loving friends. Oh, and here's a list of every ring Lane has ever provided, if you're into that sort of thing.

How Much Do The Bachelor's Neil Lane Rings Cost?

The cost of the diamond and setting really, really depends upon what Lane is offering, but don't be kidded into thinking that they're on the cheap end. Jef "With One F" Holm's 2.5-carat ring for Emily Maynard allegedly cost $68,000, and Ben Higgins allegedly gave Lauren Bushnell a diamond that cost about $100,000. These aren't made for "change-under-the-couch-cushions" kind of pricing here, folks.

Does The Bachelor Pay For The Ring?

Hell to the no. Lane reportedly donates the rings in exchange for the publicity of being on national television — at this point everyone knows the jeweler is synonymous with Bachelor Nation — but the Bachelor can choose to buy his own ring if he wants to. Aaron Buerge reportedly purchased a $35,000 Harry Winston diamond for his Bachelor winner, Helene Eksterowicz, and she sold it on eBay for $28,300 after the couple split. Take that money and run, girl.

What Happens To The Ring If The Bachelor Couple Breaks Up?

There's always a catch — you can't just get a huge, almost six-figure diamond, break up two weeks later, and then take that rock with you. According to Radar Online, the Bachelor nation contracts stipulate that if the Bachelor couple splits before the two-year mark, ABC reportedly gets the ring back. However, if the couple stays together, they keep the ring (obviously), and if they split after more than two years, kind of like how Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth did in 2019, they get to figure out what to do with it. But if the couple decide to auction it off or something, ABC gets first dibs on buying it back.

Who Gets To Keep The Bachelor Ring?

Of his creations, Lane told InStyle, "I make each and every ring... with the couple’s lasting love in mind. It’s my hope that the spark between them lasts forever. And if it doesn’t, I like to think that the ring goes to heaven." More realistically speaking, as mentioned above, if the Bachelor couple breaks up before two years, ABC keeps it. If it's after two years, well, there's not that much public information about that. I assume the couple has to work that out or split the profits of the ring's sale — by then, they're basically private citizens (well, kind of), so there's really no way of knowing.
No matter who gets Peter's heart, one thing is for sure — the piece of jewelry is almost as good. Okay, better. It's better.

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