Calling Blake Moynes Tayshia Adams’ Ex Is Kind Of A Stretch

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Slight spoilers are ahead. Oh how the turn tables. Blake Moynes went from being devastated that Tayshia Adams sent him home on her Bachelorette season to asking her to help him get onto Katie Thurston's season. Thurston is now the third Bachelorette in less than a year whom Moynes has wooed. He was initially cast for Clare Crawley's season, and he even broke the "rules" to talk to her via social media pre-show. But after Crawley sped off with Dale Moss, Moynes switched gears to fall quickly for Adams. And since Adams sent him packing, he now has his eyes on Thurston.
"It is concerning that you’ve dated two Bachelorettes," Thurston told him during the June 28 episode when Moynes asked to join her cast. But at the same time, having also spoken to Moynes in the DMs pre-show, Thurston thought there could be something genuine there. So did Adams, who talked Moynes up to Thurston as the kind of guy who totally would get down on one knee for Thurston at the end of this. Adams seems to have no issue watching her ex date the new Bachelorette. After all, she and Moynes didn't form a giant connection on her season — at least not on her end.
When Adams arrived to be the Bachelorette midway through the season, she didn't have Crawley's advantage of having spoken to Moynes pre-filming. As a result, her relationship with Moynes was slower-growing. Adams ended up sending Moynes home during their first one-on-one right before Hometowns, and she blamed it on not having enough time to really get to know each other.
Moynes later told Us Weekly that his exit was really challenging, because he felt like he didn't get real closure. "I wish she just said, ‘You’re not The One for me. There’s other connections here. I don’t see us being a thing," Moynes told the outlet. "Instead, it was like, ‘We ran out of time, the connection came too late.’ And so yeah, I got sent home. And I was like, thinking about the what-ifs, the potential.”
Moynes said he thinks it was less an issue of time and more an issue of him forming a connection with Crawley before Adams took over as Bachelorette. "I think she had her guard up," he said. "I walked in with a red flag over my head." He added, "If it was Tayshia from the beginning, I think my story would have been a little bit different." However, he said he'd since moved on, seeing how happy Adams was with winner Zac Clark.
Adams wants Moynes to find that happiness, too. Even if with another Bachelorette. "I actually really care about Blake. He is such a genuine and sincere person," Adams told USA Today. "I've always encouraged for him to follow his heart. If that led him to New Mexico and on Katie's season, then so be it. I really stand by him. So whatever he wanted to do, I was there for." 
The way things played out, Moynes didn't end up with Crawley or Adams, but that's freed him up for Thurston's season. It's fair that she, like Adams on her season, was initially nervous about the fact that he's fallen so hard and quickly for Bachelorettes in the past. But she may not have to worry too much about that — Moynes and Adams were barely even a thing. After all, you probably don't set your ex up with another woman if things were really that serious between you.

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