Oh Boy Does The Bachelorette’s Blake Moynes Love A Dog Photoshoot

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It's a good thing that Clare Crawley loves dogs, because Bachelorette contestant Blake Moynes and his dog are basically inseparable. He rescued Koho in 2016, and since then, they've gone on all kinds of adventures together. And you know how I know that? Because Blake diligently, and oh-so frequently, documents their trips with idyllic photoshoots all over his Instagram. It may be my favorite thing about him.
The 29-year-old Canadian wildlife manager loves animals so much it's literally his job: wildlife managers' entire focus is to help maintain animal populations, i.e. conservation, so yes, I hope he ends up in Paradise someday, too. Someone who won't be coming to Paradise though? His literal pet falcon. And while trusty Koho isn't as exotic as a bird of prey or the wild animals Blake's worked with like tigers and hyenas, the pup remains the main focus of Blake's affections — at least on Instagram.
They've chilled by the campfire, been boating, gone four-wheeling, and visited the lake together, all captured almost cinematically on camera.
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They say Saturdays are for the boys 🍂🤘

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Blake's love for Koho is just one plus in his column, but Blake also picked up some fans when Clare revealed during the premiere that he broke some of the show's "rules" to message her during quarantine. Clare had said on Instagram that she'd been having a hard time and her mom had recently gotten injured, so Blake reached out to check on her. Clare said he's the only one who contacted her during the show's hiatus, and she really appreciated the gesture — even if it was a little out of the ordinary for a contestant to talk the lead before the show started filming.
They definitely seemed to have a connection based on that initial conversation and that leaked over into the premiere, but Clare gave potential-husband Dale Moss the first impression rose instead, which had fans up in arms. Did she not see what she had right in front of her with Blake?
The last time Clare was in a Bachelor Nation relationship, it was with another Canadian — Benoit Beauséjour-Savard from the Canadian Bachelorette, whom Clare met on Bachelor Winter Games. Blake seems to be trying to keep Clare's Canadian streak alive, and he seems like a pretty good match for her. They share a love for the outdoors, he's shown he's willing to risk it all for her, and they have a mutual love of dogs. But even if she doesn't give Blake that real chance over Dale, at least he's got that sweet pup to return home to.

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