Everything Leaving Netflix In August 2021

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If the past year-or-so has taught us anything, it’s that letting go of the things we love is difficult, but not impossible. And that they’ll usually find some way back into our lives one way or another. This applies, of course, to big picture things, but also to the smaller things we tend to take for granted. So when we tell you that next month, Netflix is taking off a lot of beloved titles from its platform — heavy, dramatic sigh — just know that it’ll hurt, but we will find a way to persist.
Are we being a bit dramatic? Maybe. But are you in any way a James Bond fan? Are rom-coms your happy place? Is a dose of Superbad your cure-all after a tough day? If so, then you might agree with us.
In August, as we welcome in a bevy of new TV shows and movies, we’ll be saying goodbye to a few fan-favorites as well. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, both Daniel Craig-led Bond films, are leaving the streaming service. Romantic comedies like The Prince & Me, Love Actually, and The Girl Next Door are also on their way out. And if you’re a critically-acclaimed film buff, make sure to catch The Departed, The Social Network, and The Manchurian Candidate before they’re no longer available.
The good news is that when it comes to TV shows, Netflix has decided to spare us (well, safe for fans of El Cartel — lo siento). Mother Goose Club and Jericho are the only other series that will be gone by mid-August.
As for the rest, it may be a difficult parting, but maybe think of it more as a “see you later” instead of a “goodbye.” Ahead, see which other titles are leaving Netflix in August.

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