Seth Rogen Revealed A Bunch Of Superbad Trivia On Twitter & It Got Raunchy

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It's been ten years since my parents would not let me see Superbad in theaters, and Seth Rogen is getting nostalgic. The actor, who wrote and also appeared in the 2007 movie, took to Twitter on Thursday night to do a quick Q&A with fans who still had questions about the film, as well as post some unbelievable (and hilarious) trivia about how it all came together.
"I'll answer some Superbad questions if anyone has any," he said last night, prompting questions like "How long did it take to write the script?" (seven years) and "How long did it take to film?" (35 days), but he also tweeted out some fun facts of his own.
"The cast of Jersey Shore confirmed to me that the phrase "D.T.F" or "Down To Fuck" is from Superbad."
"During the MPAA screenings of Superbad they said we were the first movie to say 'fingerfuck,'" he revealed.
"The period blood on the leg scene in Superbad actually happened to my friend at a high school dance and we discovered it after the dance."
There were also some darker facts:
"My mother came up with the joke that Mclovin gets arrested for statutory rape at the end of Superbad."
But, mostly, people just wanted to know whether or not the actors were sober on set (no, not always) as well as the origin of the scene when Michael Cera's character sings "These Eyes" ("We once went to a party with coked out comics I knew and it was similar").
You can check out more fun facts over on Seth Rogen's Twitter, but for now, let's hope this Q&A becomes a tradition for the rest of his hilarious movies.

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