The Love Is Blind: After The Altar Teaser Promises The Year’s Most Dramatic Reunions

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Two years ago, a handful of Atlanta-based singles speed dated and fell in love — without ever seeing each other in person. Now, the cast of Netflix's Love is Blind season 1 is back for an anniversary party that has the potential to be just as dramatic as the reality show itself.
Love is Blind: After the Altar will be a three-episode special thT follows the lives of a few season 1 fan-favorites as they prepare for a two-year anniversary party for Love is Blind's success stories: Lauren and Cameron Hamilton, and Amber and Matt Barnett. However, not everyone has traveled such a smooth road since the show aired, and there still seems to be some unresolved feelings that a few contestants will have to air out.
The teaser already hints at a few of the dramatic reunions that the show has in store. "I'm still emotional about it, so much time after," says a teary-eyed Carlton, referencing the poolside blowout between him and ex-fiancée Diamond after he came out to her as bisexual. Then there's Jessica, who divulges that she "crashed and burned in front of the world" during the experiment.
When Barnett is asked how he feels about seeing Jessica at the party, he cheekily declines to comment. But since Jessica has been in a new relationship for a year now, there's hope for an amicable ending to her and Barnett's awkward history. However, we likely won't get the same kind of ending with her ex-fiancée Mark, who now is in a relationship and has a child, but faced an alleged cheating scandal last year. "He had been fooling me the entire time," Jessica says in a voiceover. Mark is notably absent from the teaser — maybe his invite to the party got lost in the mail?
We'll also get the scoop on couples who changed their minds right before (and during) their weddings: Kelly and Kenny, as well as Giannina and Damian. It's going to be a lot, but after all, that's what happens when you agree to an unprecedented love experiment. "When we get together, it's always a fun time," says Cameron at the end of the clip.
"...I hope so!" says Lauren, laughing, nervously.
Watch the teaser for Love is Blind: After the Altar, premiering on Netflix on July 28.

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