Finally: You Can Start Going To Sex Parties Again

Photographed by Karen Sofia Colon.
It wasn’t so long ago that we were all navigating how to have safe pandemic sex when the whole world shut down last year. Some people stuck to video and phone sex, while others started masturbating more frequently. In the event that people were meeting up for IRL sex, public health officials in New York City recommended getting “a little kinky” with it and being “creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls.” And thus came the return of the glory hole
But new guidelines for vaccinated people might have everyone looking up — or hooking up? — and ready to explore all the sex they might have missed out on over the last year of social distancing. Because, let’s be honest, people are horny — especially if they’ve spent the past year riding solo. And in response to the overwhelming demand to have a thotty summer, health experts are updating their recommendations for safe sex post-vaccination.
“There’s so much pent-up demand,” Jesse Mills, director of UCLA’s Urology department at Santa Monica and male reproductive health specialist told Inverse earlier this month. “Our dopamine levels have crashed in the last 18 months of not being able to do anything we want to do. It’s literally going to be balls out for a while.”
According to the New York City Department of Health’s updated COVID-19 sex guidelines, vaccinated people can look forward to plenty of sexy time, including at sex parties. They can have group sex and multiple partners, or sex with strangers, or group masturbation, according to their guidelines. It’s pretty much all fair game as long as it’s consensual.
"COVID-19 vaccination allows for safer interactions inside and outside the
bedroom. It is the best way to protect yourself and unvaccinated partners
from COVID-19 illness, hospitalization and death," the updated guide reads.
If you haven’t yet been vaccinated, but still want to enjoy hot girl summer, the guidelines state that you are at a lower risk of infection if your partner is vaccinated. You should also continue to practice caution and stick with a consistent partner, monitor for symptoms before meeting with a partner, and limit sex to people within your social circle or living space. According to the NYC guidelines, unvaccinated people are still more than welcome to keep it kinky with a glory hole. (As is anyone else, for that matter.)
But with great sex comes great responsibility — even if you are protected from COVID. Sexual and reproductive health experts say sexually transmitted infections (STIs) could be on the rise this summer, and people should practice safe sex with the use of condoms and frequent testing. Anyone who is sexually active should get tested for STIs at least once a year, after unprotected sex, and in between new partners, Inverse reports. 
After all, the safest sex is the greatest sex. And the NYC Department of Health — among others — really wants us to start getting busy again.

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