Your June Horoscope Is Here, & These Dates Will Mean Major Shake-Ups

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

June is a major astrological month filled with thrills, chills, drama, big love — and every feeling in between. Lovely Venus enters Cancer on June 2, softening up our hearts and tightening up our wallets. The solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 is a time of reflection, change, and implanting new desires into our lives. Action planet Mars enters Leo on June 11, motivating us to fight for what we love. Soon after, on June 14, austere Saturn and rebellious Uranus square off for the second of three times in 2021. (The first time was February 17 and the third connection will be December 24.) This is a very fraught and intense energy that will create shakeups, breakups, and breakdowns. We are knocking down old structures or beliefs and building new ones then. Be kind to others and yourselves around this time, as this energy can be argumentative.
Lucky planet Jupiter commences its retrograde journey in Pisces and Aquarius from June 20 to October 18, urging us to reflect on our spiritual and philosophical development. The summer solstice begins on June 20, the same day Gemini season ends and Cancer season starts, kicking off our beachy plans and festivities. Also, making us more emotional and tender. Mercury retrograde ends on June 22 in Gemini (yay!). But don’t take a sigh of relief quite yet. The retroshade period officially ends the retrograde on July 7. Then, all Mercurial mishaps such as technological meltdowns, miscommunications, and our pesky exes will be truly gone — until next time.
The Capricorn full moon occurs on June 24, urging us work hard for attention and affection. Elusive Neptune begins its retrograde journey in Pisces from June 25 to December 1. This will allow us to align with our subconscious dreams. Romantic planet Venus enters Leo on June 27, adding passion to love and flamboyance to how we spend our money.