Ben Affleck’s “It’s Me” Video Has Nearly Broken The Internet

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.
Ben Affleck’s love life has once again made headlines, but the latest buzz about the actor isn’t even about his possible reunion with famous ex Jennifer Lopez. What’s sending the internet right now is his online run-in with a an influencer and TikToker on a popular dating app.
Just a few days ago, Affleck began trending on Twitter after pictures of him hanging out with Lopez began circulating online, leading many people to wonder whether Bennifer was (finally) reunited after almost 20 years. The stars are simply spending some “friendly” time together, but that doesn’t mean Affleck still isn’t looking for love — just like you and me, he’s using dating apps to see what’s out there. 
Raya is Affleck’s app of choice. The app is used frequently among many celebrities, popular because its exclusivity narrows down the selection of potential matches to influential A-list users and exclusivity. That limited pool led Affleck to match with TikToker and actress Nivine Jay. Even though Raya is known to have a celebrity clientele, Jay wasn't convinced that her match wasn't a normal person catfishing her as the Justice League star. She ultimately unmatched from him, only to receive a surprising direct message from Affleck on Instagram shortly after.
"Nivine, why did you unmatch me?” Affleck asked in a video stitched into Jay's TikTok post about the Raya experience. “It’s me!”
Affleck sending Jay a video to verify his identity after the fact has caused the barely-missed love connection to gain traction online, launching an interesting conversation about celebrities on dating apps and effectively turning the A-lister into a (new) meme. Will “it’s me” ever not remind the internet of Affleck’s selfie-style admission?
As a person who personally wouldn't mind getting a DM from my celebrity crush — Yahya Abdul Mateen II, hit me up — I feel like I might have moved a bit differently in this scenario. That's just me, though.

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