Mercury Is In Taurus Now, So You Should Take Things Really Slow

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Mercury, a planet that's known for impacting communication, rationality, and reasoning, is inching its way from Aries into Taurus on April 19 — the very same day Taurus season begins. This will stir up a massive dose of stubborn, yet diplomatic energy that's sure to affect all of us, especially in the ways we talk to one another.
"When Mercury enters Taurus, the flow of communication naturally slows down," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for "Mercury enjoys a swift pace, but the Taurean energy is a bit too slow to accommodate the cosmic messenger’s preference. Expect some blocks, surprises, and delays in communicative exchanges."
Just like Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Taurus likes when you take things nice and easy. Resist the urge to send a frantic text or a quick email, especially if it's about something important. Take your time with your written and spoken communications, and make sure the meaning of what you're trying to say really gets across. "We can expect our words and thoughts to feel more deliberate," says Madi Murphy, astrologer and founder of The Cosmic Revolution
But the more relaxed pace won't necessarily interrupt your effectiveness. "Taurus is a sign that's known for taking care of business and for being super-reliable. You can expect to feel inspired to slow down and express ourselves in more productive ways," Murphy says. "When Mercury is in Taurus, there is also a persistence that can be quite powerful. If you’ve been getting distracted or been procrastinating, this transit may give you a boost of celestial stamina." In other words, if you've been putting off any projects or responsibilities (which is understandable, given that Mercury was just in fiery Aries), now's the perfect time to tackle your incomplete to-do list.
We often equate "responsible" with "dull," but Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for, says that this push toward the finish line benefits our creative spark too. "Aries season was the time we felt inspired and full of new ideas, and now is the time to turn these ideas into concrete reality," she says. "Mercury in Taurus can give our communication and thinking a practical type of style and determination."
The influence of the Bull's energy has the potential to cause some tense interactions. "Mercury in Taurus can point to being so stubborn in your views that you can’t see the the outside perspectives," says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "The lesson here is to be more flexible in our thinking and mindset." Try to go with the flow during this transit. Your temper will thank you.
On April 24, Mercury meets Uranus in the sky. This is notable because it will bring "unexpected developments in the form of messages, but also big aha moments," Montúfar says. Although erratic, she says that this energy can be brilliant and creative. Hale suggests writing down your big ideas on this day — they might disappear from your mind as quickly as they come, and some of them will be worth saving. But it may be a better time to brainstorm than it is to act. "Mercury will also be squaring Saturn at the same time, so stay away from pushing your agenda, especially when it comes to career-related matters and issues with authority," Hale warns.
Overall, Mercury in Taurus is creating a definite The Tortoise and the Hare vibe, and as the book taught us, it's best to bet on the slower strategy. Our vision and communication during this time will be streamlined, and we'll be able to think practically and responsibly about how to best get what we want — all we have to do is take the time to listen.

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