Please, We’re Begging You: STFU While Mercury Is In Aries

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Spring has sprung, but the buzzy, outspoken, spontaneous energy you're feeling has more to do with the planets than it does with the warm weather. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is zooming its way into fiery, action-oriented Aries on April 3, and while it's in the sign (where it will stay until April 19), we'll find ourselves really telling it like it is — and having fun doing it.
"At its best, Mercury in Aries can provide us with a mental state that is optimistic, encouraging, on point, and self-confident," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for "Mercury’s entrance into Aries can bring about much needed clarity, especially after its transit through Pisces over the past few weeks, which was much more lethargic." If you've been feeling stuck in the mud lately creatively or professionally, now's the perfect time to get new ideas flowing; your energy will be on turbo mode. Bring your fresh ideas to the table during meetings, pitch those innovative solutions to your boss, or just let yourself revamp the way you attack your workflow. Your mind will be sharp — use it.
Although we love when we're feeling quick-witted, Mercury in Aries can be a double-edged sword. "When in impulsive Aries, Mercury is very harsh tongued and fast-lipped. Nothing is held back," says Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City. "This means that we all can put our foot in our mouths during the transit." Stardust warns that we'll be more likely to unintentionally hurt others now if we're not thinking before we're speaking. "Mercury in Aries will bring many frustrating moments, but the lesson is to learn patience and be more understanding," Stardust says.
Patience. Understanding. These seem like reasonable requests, right? Stephanie Powell, head of content for, thinks so, and warns that an overly direct approach during this transit may rub people the wrong way. The antidote to that is to take a second before communicating your thoughts to others. "It will benefit us to pause before speaking, especially in tougher conversations, because we can speak before we actually think about what we really mean or want to convey," she says.
During Mercury's tour in Aries, Powell says there are a couple of different dates to be aware of. On April 11, Mercury will form a supportive sextile with Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility. "This is a fantastic time to put our ideas into practice and root them in the real world," Powell advises. "If you’ve been brainstorming nonstop, Saturn is here to ask, 'How are you going to achieve that?'" she says. "This is a great day to work toward a goal or project of interest." In other words, it's time to get busy!
Then on April 18, Mercury will form a harmonious sextile with fiery Mars and expansive Jupiter — but it will also meet destructive Pluto at the same time. "Mars and Jupiter’s influences will encourage us to speak what’s on our mind, but Pluto may not have our best interests involved and can stir up and exaggerate Plutonic themes of jealousy, manipulation, or even power struggles," Powell says. "Go easy on yourself, and if you have an urge to confront someone or something it may be better to do some deeper reflection before giving into obsessive thinking." Worth noting: Pluto's influence can be positive and give us the energy to "confront structures or situations that need to be torn down and rebuilt," Powell says. Although it may be a little rocky, impactful change can be accomplished during this time.
For the next couple of weeks, let yourself embrace the abrasiveness of Mercury in Aries — brainstorm, take action, and make your voice heard. Just know that if you're not thinking before you speak, you may step on some toes. So take a deep breath, and practice pausing (at least a little) during this exciting time. You've got this.

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