When Mercury Is In Pisces, Be Prepared For Vivid Dreams

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It's time to start listening a little more closely to your inner voice as Mercury leaves Aquarius and heads into dreamy Pisces on March 15. When the the Planet of Communication is in this sign (where it will stay until April 3), "our intuition and psychic abilities are enhanced, and we ditch analytical practices in favor of slower and dreamier activities," says Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer for Astrology.com. It's the perfect time to try being open to new possibilities.
This transit comes just after a powerful new moon, and once Mercury makes its move, five planetary bodies will be in imaginative Pisces: Mercury, the sun, Venus, Neptune, and the asteroid Pallas. Combined, this sets us up for an optimistic month. "By the time Mercury enters Pisces, we will still be feeling the lovely beams from the Pisces new moon, and its entrance will only add to the already chill and mystical vibes," Montúfar explains. "When our cosmic messenger is in the sign of the fish, our thought process is more influenced by emotions and sensitivity."
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for Keen.com, says that when Mercury is in Pisces, "we may discover or understand things to a greater depth than we have before, and we could even feel a certain illumination." She says that dreams typically become more vivid and frequent while Mercury is in this sign, so if you don't already have one, try and keep a dream journal this month to see what your subconscious might be trying to tell you.
Along with more vivid dreams at night, your mind will also call you to daydream and fantasize during the day (and maybe window-shop for a new life), especially during the first week of the transit, Montúfar says. Lean into the ethereal nature of this transit — but you'll probably want to do something to keep your feet on the ground too. "To say that it will be hard to focus on work or our responsibilities is an understatement, especially because Pisces is not the easiest placement for Mercury," she explains. "As the fastest moving planet, Mercury likes to do things quickly; and the watery landscape of Pisces forces our cosmic messenger to slow its roll." Keep up your to-do list, or set some alerts on your phone to remind you about big events.
While Mercury in Pisces will boost our imaginative side, Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City, says that it will also heighten our paranoid side. "The information we hear and give may not be 100% legit, as Neptune (who is known to add emotion and personal sentiments to information) is in aspect to Mercury during this transit," she warns. Be wary during this time, as our dreamy side may end up clouding our judgement. Stardust says to look out for March 25 specifically, when Mercury squares the Nodes of Destiny: We'll be especially prone to anxious thinking, so be intentional about resting your mind around then, she suggests.
The bottom line: Although we can expect some tension while Mercury is in Pisces, this transit will allow us to embrace our creative side and prepare for dreamy days to come. Prioritize self-care, let yourself fantasize about the future, and be open to new possibilities. It's the perfect time to make magic happen.

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