Hailey Bieber Just Launched A Beauty YouTube Channel

Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.
While Hailey Bieber isn't exactly sure how to properly introduce herself to the internet (is she Hailey Baldwin, Hailey Bieber, or Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber?), the model is starring in her very own YouTube series for the first time ever.
This isn't your average one-time, brand-sponsored celebrity "Get Ready With Me" video: According to an official press release provided by film and TV production company OBB Pictures, Bieber will use her new YouTube platform to release new videos bi-weekly on Wednesdays through the end of 2021. For today's big channel debut, Bieber dropped her first three vlogs, perfectly timed to your Friday-afternoon lunch break.
In the introductory "Welcome To My Channel" video, Bieber gives fans an outline of what we can expect from the series. "It's a bunch of different things, ranging from skin-care routine videos, to travel blogs, to videos with my hair and makeup team," she explains, adding that she'll also have on guest stars, like Kendall Jenner (that video is already live), and will at times dig into more serious topics. "We're also going to be having conversations about some things that I feel really passionate about that are very important to me — like politics, mental health, faith."
At its core, the YouTube channel promises to show Bieber's real life, similar to the intimate way fans got to know her husband Justin through his YouTube series, Seasons. "I really want to connect with all of you guys," Bieber says. "Something I learned through the process of doing the YouTube docuseries Seasons was that I enjoy getting to show people my personality. I'm excited for you guys to know Hailey for Hailey."

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