Clare & Dale’s Bachelorette Breakup Is Even Messier Than You Thought

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Just when you thought the drama of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor was enough to keep Bachelor Nation busy, troubling new details from Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ recent split have been revealed, reminding us that chaos and this franchise go hand in hand. 
Clare and Dale might not have been on your shortlist of Bachelor couples who would last forever, but the sudden end of their relationship may still come as a surprise to many. The couple famously got engaged during the early part of season 16 of The Bachelorette, leaving Tayshia Adams to charm the remaining group of Clare’s boyfriends. Despite the disapproval of contestants and fans alike, Clare and Dale got their happily ever after — at least, for a few months.
Unfortunately, their love story didn’t exactly have a happy ending. On Tuesday, January 19, Dale revealed that he and Clare had “mutually” decided to end their engagement and go their separate ways. Sources close to the Bachelor stars shared that they just weren’t on the same page regarding their long term plans; Clare wanted to focus on her family, and Dale wanted to build his career. Nonetheless, Dale promised that he and Clare would still be “cool” through it all.
It’s now looking very unlikely that things will ever be copacetic between the exes because new reports are alleging that the breakup wasn’t a joint decision after all — Clare actually found out that she had been dumped via her fiancé’s Instagram iOS press release, same as us. To make matters even worse, Dale was allegedly dating another woman throughout the duration of his relationship with Clare. A source told E! Online that the former athlete has been involved with a real estate agent named Eleonora Srugo the end of 2019. The woman, who Dale insisted was just a friend and business partner, reportedly bragged to her friends about “sneaking around with Dale” while they were in New York City. Yikes.
"It is obvious now,” the source shared with E!. “Things are making sense to [Clare] now. She didn't want to believe it at first but is now heartbroken."
Clare hasn’t directly addressed the cheating allegations (which her ex-fiancé has vehemently denied), but she didn’t hesitate to make her own statement on Instagram following Dale’s announcement of their “mutual” separation. 
“I was made aware of a ‘mutual’ statement at the same time you all were, so I’ve needed some time to really digest this,” she shared with her Instagram followers on January 21. “Speaking for myself, my intentions with this relationship have always been very clear, so the truth is I am crushed."
"This was not what I expected or hoped for and am still trying to process this," continued Clare. "Our relationship was not perfect, but I can say I was genuinely invested with all of my heart.” 
Even after everything she’s been through, Clare is still hopeful that she will find the one, writing that is “committed to love” regardless of what has gone down. I’m hoping that Clare does find love — preferably far, far away from The Bachelor, though.

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