Tayshia Chose Her Man On The Bachelorette — Now What?

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Warning: There are spoilers for the Bachelorette finale ahead.
Just two months after it began, The Bachelorette ended with its second engagement of the season. (Remember when Clare Crawley and Dale Moss got engaged after, like, the third episode?) Now Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark join them as a happily betrothed Bachelor Nation couple. But since filming concluded on the series months ago, it's time for an update on where the duo stands today. Unfortunately, we didn't get a live Bachelorette finale with updates this year.
After Zac proposed during the finale, the two headed home and had to play it cool, lest they spoil the outcome of the finale. (Of course, it was pretty obvious that Zac was going to win from the moment that Tayshia declared during their hometown date that she would be so happy if they could live in New York together.) Now that the two can be public about their romance, they get to begin the next phase of their life together.
Tayshia made it clear that she was not willing to rush into an engagement that she didn't feel was going to last forever. She didn't want to end up in the same position that led to her last divorce. That said, she and Zac may give it some time before walking down the aisle. That way she can make sure she's very ready once they've been together in the real world for a bit, and also so she can have a safe wedding, hopefully post-pandemic, with all her friends and family there. Is it 2022, yet?
On the show, Zac admitted that he once thought he never wanted to have children. He just wanted to be the "cool uncle." But in meeting Tayshia, he realized that he did want the whole "wife and kids" thing. Tayshia, for her part, wants five kids, so they better hop to it.
But because the show didn't provide an update on where Tayshia and Zac are today, we have to go on what was said previously. Tayshia made several references throughout the season about wanting to move to New York with Zac. Right after they got engaged, she even said, "To New York we go!" However, more recently, Tayshia has been posting Instagrams and stories from her family's home in Orange County, California. Including one in which she writes about how "grateful" she is for everything she has right now. Everything including Zac, perhaps?
While most Bachelor and Bachelorette couples are able to jet off to see each other in secret between the end of filming and the big reveal, that is a bit more challenging right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging out of control in the U.S. But, the vaccine is on the way, and things can start to move forward again eventually, so if they're not already living together in the Big Apple it may just be a matter of time before they are. After all, if they want to start a life together, living in the same same place is kind of a key part of that.
Tayshia is an influencer, so while there will undoubtedly be post-finale interviews, stay tuned for all the big announcements (like weddings and new apartments) on Instagram. Now that she and Zac can talk about being in love, they're probably not going to stop.

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