Can You Tell Who Wins The Bachelorette From A Really Good Hometown Date?

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Technically, Tayshia Adams still has multiple contestants left on The Bachelorette, but it really looks like only one man is truly on her mind: Zac Clark. Their entire hometown date was one big clue that Zac wins The Bachelorette, but there was one line that seemed to spoil Tayshia's true feelings, even if she didn't exactly intend it to.
The cast and crew couldn't leave the Bachelorette COVID-free bubble, so Zac and Tayshia went on a date to "New York" (Zac lives in the real one), which consisted of some city-life backdrops, a bagel station (with gummy bears and gummy worms, but we don't have time for that mess), pizza, and a wooden taxi. At the end of the date, they climbed into a fountain and made out. Most people would have to really like someone to brave mouth on mouth action in a pool of water that is not meant for human bathing, and it's beyond clear that's how Tayshia feels about Zac. But you're here for a clue, and this is it: After their pizza dinner, Tayshia says, "It would be insane if I was with Zac in New York, just because I would be happy, I think." 
She was so sincere about it, so things are really shaping up in Zac's favor — which is good, because he's just as smitten. "When I'm with her, it's like there's nothing else going on in the world," Zac said ahead of Tayshia meeting his parents. And let's not forget that the two have already sort of exchanged "I love yous." (To be more specific, they both admitted during their last date that they were falling in love.)
But we're not trying to rest this whole theory on one line from the woman doing the choosing. The rest of Zac's hometown date just further emphasized that something is just clicking for these two. Zac's parents could tell that the two were really into each other, and Zac's mom was thrilled that Tayshia had helped open Zac's eyes to the idea of getting married and having kids. But then, the Bachelorette also readily admitted to Zac's dad that she could see herself marrying his son, which is something most leads try to dance around because at this point in the game, they're still making decisions.
Finally, as the couple was saying goodbye for the night, Tayshia remarked to Zac that it "just feels so like easy and natural with you." That's how love should be, and that word — "easy" — is a telltale sign on most Bachelorette seasons that we've found a winner. On JoJo Fletcher's season, she almost thought Jordan Rodgers was too good to be true, because things were going so well between them. Four years after that season, they're still together and preparing for their wedding. And on Rachel Lindsay's season, her now-husband Bryan Abasolo expressed a similar sentiment when he proposed to Rachel. "I am the best version of myself when I'm with you — you're so easy and effortless to love," he said.
The other contestants on Tayshia's season are lovely people, but we've seen how things go at this stage time and again. If she's already openly envisioning her life in New York with Zac, that's a pretty good indication that we're looking at our winner.

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