Things Are About To Get Intense For Tayshia’s Bachelorette Top 4

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After taking over the 2020 Bachelorette season from Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams has officially picked her final four contestants. It wasn't a surprise for fans that Ben Smith would be continuing on, since Tayshia gave him a rose during their one-on-one last episode, but Monday's rose ceremony came down to her remaining seven men all trying to win the last three spots. In the end, Tayshia sent home Noah Erb, Riley Christian, Blake Moynes, and Bennett Jordan (again) to make way for her final four. Ben, Brendan Morais, Zac Clark, and Ivan Hall will now get hometown dates, and two of them will eventually get the chance to propose to Tayshia at the end of all this. 
Because of the pandemic, the "hometown" dates will instead take place within The Bachelorette filming bubble at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs. But even without changing locations, there will still be just as much drama on these dates as during regular Bachelorette hometowns and the promo at the end of this week's Men Tell All special laid out more than a few potential upsets.
Brendan can be heard saying "I have these concerns about proposing that I haven't been able to shake" moments after a man who appears to be his father tells Tayshia that there's "definitely a connection there." Earlier in the season, another promo seemed to make it look like someone might be leaving of their own volition, and back then it wasn't clear if that person was Riley or Brendan.
The promo also includes footage of Ben, who responds to a family member asking "You love her?" with "I don't know." But it's shown as two separate shots and we see him tell her he's in love with her during the promo's Fantasy Suites footage, so it's very possible that these quotes are edited together to create the appearance of drama, and that Ben is, as we all suspect, head over heels for Tayshia.
Lastly, we see Zac's family questioning the speed with which Tayshia and Zac connected. There is always one family that does this, and it seems Zac's is that family this year.
Quite notably, we don't see much of Ivan's hometown date.
An ABC press release hints at what's to come during the hometown dates, including Tayshia questioning one man's family about whether he's ready to propose and another family who is "skeptical" of Tayshia's relationship with one of her man. A member of one man's family isn't able to attend the hometown date, and a final contestant may be unable to share his true feelings of love in time to stay in the competition. It's all your typical hometown drama, just located all in Palm Springs.
We don't know which scenarios apply to which of her final four yet, but meeting the family is always an important part of this series, and it could be make or break for some of these men. As temporary Bachelorette host JoJo Fletcher said last episode, hometown week was when she really started to see Jordan Rodgers as her future husband. It's a big freaking deal, basically, so it's a good thing fans don't have to wait long to see how things unfold. Hometown week begins tomorrow, with the Dec. 14 episode introducing Tayshia (and us) to the families of her final four.
The promo also teased fantasy suites and the final rose, both of which air next week, and the only person who doesn't feature heavily in that footage is Ivan. But take that with a grain of salt — it's very unlikely that the promo would outright tell us which men make it that far. But then again, this season has truly been unlike any other.

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