Anna From The Bachelor Is Roasting This Season — & Herself — On TikTok

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There are some people who reliably appear on every Bachelor roster: at least one Lauren, a few pageant queens, and over two dozen people with some serious follower counts. Social media upkeep has become a requisite part of being on the show, and now that younger contestants are starting to age into the franchise, you might notice Bachelor cast members popping up on your “For You” page. If you’re looking into Bachelor TikTok, there’s one user you may be interested in: 24-year-old copywriter Anna Redman.
Anna’s TikTok is a bit of a mixed bag; you’ll find everything from recipes to hair tutorials and true to her Bachelor intro package, there is a lot of coffee-related humor, too. But it’s her willingness to laugh at her on-screen portrayal, the Bachelor itself, and even leading man Matt James that make her account almost like a Bachelor after-show. Before the season even started, she made a video critiquing her headshot and the immediate Hannah Brown comparisons, and she’s kept that train rolling since premiere night. 
In one TikTok, she jokes about the now famous vibrator watching on during Matt’s prayer. In another, she rates the things she does on night one, including her limo entrance, her facial expressions, and her attempts at mind-controlling Matt. She gives a 12/10 score to the moment she mistakenly hears her name called. “Hilariously embarrassing,” she writes. “I wanted to die in the moment. Now it’s funny.”

Hi. My name is Anna Montana and you’re watching me embarrass myself. 💫 Body slam was 10/10 tho. ##bachelornation ##bachelor ##fyp ##hannahmontanna

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She doesn’t rate her decision to accidentally wear the same dress as another contestant, but she’s able to laugh at that misstep, too. “Don’t buy a dress on revolve if you are going on the bachelor,” she advised in a recent Instagram story, sharing a comparison shot of her dress next to castmate Alana Milne’s. 
We haven’t seen too much of Anna yet, but according to the season preview — and Chris Harrison’s Meet the Women livestream — she becomes enmeshed in a controversy with one of the late arrivals, so she’ll likely play a bigger role later this season. Chris Harrison also adds that she has some of this season’s most entertaining facial expressions, something Anna has already joked about on Twitter. “Everyone saying I have crazy eyes… while Matt’s kissing us with his eyes open,” she joked.
Over the years, there have been stars who felt their edits were accurate and inaccurate, expected and completely surprising. A contestant’s reaction to their depiction can be just as telling as their TV persona itself, and in the Bachelor universe, it helps not to take yourself too seriously. In this sense, maybe the TikTok generation has a leg up — if we know anything, it’s how to laugh at ourselves.

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