Where To Find This Year’s Bachelor Contestants On TikTok

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The experience of watching The Bachelor was forever changed by social media, and not just because the show's contestants often go on to become successful (or semi-successful) influencers. Parts of the show now happen completely off-screen, and viewers who really want to stay up to date with the franchise's drama, previews, and hints know to follow the season's stars on Instagram for bonus content. But for the first time, the best tidbits, bloopers, intel, and cast reactions aren't coming from Instagram — you're going to have to get on TikTok.
Matt James' love interests aren't the first Bachelor contestants to use TikTok, but they seem to be all over the app in a way we haven't seen before. This is probably because his contenders are mostly Gen-Zers and younger millennials; this season's average age is 25. Though some are new to the platform, many were using it long before they were cast on the show. Katie Thurston, whose vibrator stunt was nothing compared to her viral video about sex with ghosts, amassed over 200,000 followers before she even appeared on The Bachelor. Several models and influencers also joined the show with substantial followings.
After you've followed your favorite frontrunners on Instagram, switch apps and check out these contestants' accounts. While you're at it, you can even follow Matt on TikTok, too.

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