Chrissy Teigen Is Bringing Back The Nose Stud In 2021

Photo: Jennifer Lourie/Getty Images.
Following an initial mishap with a nose piercing that closed up too quickly, Chrissy Teigen just shared a video clip of her new, much more permanent stud on Instagram.
The star's first attempt at a nose piercing didn’t quite turn out as planned. On December 28, while on vacation with her family in St. Barts, Teigen shared a photo to Twitter explaining how her stud "immediately fell out and healed" shortly after the piercer left. So for this go-around, the model and author turned to celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson, founder of L.A.’s Body Electric Tattoo studio. "Second time’s a charm," said Teigen, showing fans the petite diamond stud in her nose, which looks as though it's been expertly placed and won't be going anywhere.
Teigen has apparently been toying around with the idea of a nose piercing for some time now: Back in July, she turned to Twitter to ask her followers for their thoughts on getting a couple more piercings. “Am I too old for a little diamond on my nose?” she tweeted. “You don’t have to tell me I’m not old! I know I’m not olllllld but you know what I’m saying. Please be honest lol.” 
Not too long after posting, Kerry Washington chimed in supporting Teigen’s itch to get a nose piercing. While Washington may not have one herself, she told Teigen that she grew quite attached to the fake one she wore everyday while shooting Little Fires Everywhere. Teigen opted for a few piercings along her left ear at the time which, according to People, were also done by Thompson.
As Teigen said, it looks like the second time's the charm. And when it comes to a piercing you’ve had on your mind for a while, she reminds us that sometimes it's better to wait and go to a trusted professional than act on impulse.

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