Everything Leaving Netflix in December 2020

Photo: Justin Lubin/Getty Images.
At this point in the year, you might doubt that the holidays are even still a thing. Good news: not even a pandemic can stop the season from happening. In fact — we're already in it. Our lords and saviors JoJo and Dolly Parton decreed it when they dropped their respective Christmas albums in October, and Netflix as it continues to release a heap of festive films & TV shows.
But in order to keep that Netflix queue fresh, as we get new titles to choose from, we also need to say goodbye to others.
We knew the day would come when Netflix would take The Office away — if you got lost anywhere between the 9 epic seasons, you've got to put your binging into overdrive. The trilogy of Back To The Future is leaving and we'll have to find somewhere else to watch The Notebook and cry our eyes out.
Ahead, learn what other movies and TV shows are leaving Netflix in December.

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