A Very Important Last Minute Ballot Has Been Cast By Chrissy Teigen’s Son

Photo: Karwai Tang/Getty Images.
As the great philosopher Rihanna once said: "count every vote, we'll wait." People are stressing the importance of respecting the election process as the nation continues to wait patiently for every cast ballot in the presidential race to be tallied — including that of a 2-year-old.
Chrissy Teigen posted a video to Twitter on November 5 of her and John Legend's son Miles Theodore Stephens exercising his constitutional right to vote (though it’s technically practice for the 2036 presidential election). In the short clip, Miles shouts, "I voted!" as he drops a piece of paper into a makeshift ballot box with “the word VOTE" written on the front. "From earlier today 😩 I voted!" Teigen captioned the video.
Being politically active runs in the family. In another video posted on November 4, Teigen and Legend's 4-year-old daughter Luna Simone,  pretended to be a co-news anchors in from of their TV, which was broadcasting the election results coming in on MSNBC.
"Hello, I'm Chrissy Teigen," Teigen said. "And I'm Luna, and I'm in the news,” Luna added. "So Luna, what's the news today?" Teigen asked her daughter, to which Luna responded, "Nothing!"
"Nothing is in the news," Teigen said, as her husband was heard laughing in the background. "What should we talk about?"
"Nothing!" Luna said.
 "Nothing! Thanks for watching!" said Teigen, before the two anchors signed off.
The family made their first public appearance since the model published a heartbreaking personal essay about losing her pregnancy. They stood on stage in Philadelphia to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the eve of Election Day. Legend performed “Wake Up Everybody" by Philadelphia group Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes before making a passionate speech in support of the Democratic ticket. He then asked his family to join him onstage.
"I want to send a shoutout — actually, can you come onstage, baby?" he said. "I want you guys to see, my wife is here. My daughter, Luna, is here. My son, Miles, is here. We're teaching our young people early to participate in their democracy."
The future looks bright.

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