Rihanna’s “We’ll Wait” Election Message Is The Only Thing Keeping Me Going

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.
Let's just say it: the past two-or-so days have been hellish. It’s a time when getting any sort of work done is nearly impossible; where pizza and ice cream provide our only nutrients; when doom and anxiety are the only things yelling louder than your news updates on TV.
But as they say, it's in our darkest hour that God's light shines brightest — and by God, I absolutely mean Rihanna.
Like the Pope emerging from the Vatican to address the people in St. Peter's Square, the singer emerged from wherever she's been keeping it low-key to deliver a message of encouragement to the people: "count every vote, we'll wait."
Those six squares of text on Instagram felt like a beacon of hope — a sliver of strength. It meant more than any politician's rousing speech or words of comfort from any spiritual leader (arguably, Rihanna is both). Thanks to Rihanna, I, for one, finally found the strength to wash my hair. If Rihanna, the queen of confidence and poise says it's not over until it's over, we listen.
And listen — if we've been waiting for new music from the singer for over four years, we can wait a few days. And who knows, maybe if You-Know-Who loses, we'll finally get Rihanna to drop the album. We'll Wait would be a pretty decent title.
So until further notice, instead of 10 Hail Marys, I'm saying 10 Rihannas before bed:

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