Your Internet Boyfriends & Girlfriends Really, Really Want You To Vote

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We are mere days (or perhaps months, depending on the speed of mail-in ballots) away from the most important presidential election of our time, and the stakes are sky high as former Vice President Joe Biden takes on President Donald Trump for the highest seat in the land. Because so many things hinge on the outcome of this election, all hands are on deck to get out the vote. Hollywood is especially active this time around, with some of the most popular celebrities in the industry using their platform (and their fans' innate thirst) to encourage everyone to vote. As it turns out, thirst is absolutely an effective and very persuasive tool.
The strategies to promote exercising your civil duty run the gamut; some stars are sharing as much information as humanly possible on their social media while others are simply getting naked creative to inspire us. No matter whose side you're on this election, one thing is clear: sexy people vote if they can (and aren't being suppressed by the local government). So why not hit the polls?
Ahead, the Hollywood hotties spreading the word about voting in the 2020 presidential election.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt tends to be MIA in Hollywood these days, only surfacing when there's a scandal tied to his love life, but the Once Upon a Hollywood star shows up and shows out during election season and wants you to do the same. This time, he's thrown his support behind Biden, even lending his voice to the former Vice President's latest campaign ad.


Zendaya knows that you're excited about season two of Euphoria, but if you ask her, voting by mail is just as cool. The actress shared a video of her and a friend excitedly dropping off their ballots at a local spot.

Michael B. Jordan

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Vote Early ✅ 🗳

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With the coronavirus pandemic limiting the availability and safety of the standard in-person voting process and the disturbing efforts to curb legitimate voting across the country, Michael B. Jordan and his gold chain (gulp) have a helpful tip to make sure your vote is counted: voting early. Thirst, but make it informed.

Sterling K. Brown

The This Is Us actor really pulled a fast one on every horn dog trying to access shirtless photos of him by following the link in his Twitter bio — which leads directly to the website. An evil genius, this guy.


Lizzo loves twerking, but she's doing it for a good cause these days. Donning an Uncle Sam costume, the Grammy-winning singer bussed it down on Instagram and implored her millions of admirers to register to vote.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is so passionate about increasing awareness about politics that he even created A Starting Point, a website dedicated to sharing information about policies from both sides of the aisle so people can make educated decisions at the voting booths.

Megan thee Stallion

Queen of community engagement and protector of Black women Megan thee Stallion encouraged her fan to hit the polls for the candidate of choice.
"Let's do our part and make sure we are voting hotties," she said on instagram, punctuating the message with several clapping emojis to let fans know she meant business.

Noah Centineo

For some reason, Noah Centineo didn't think it was important to vote in the last presidential election, but he's seen the light and is all fired up about inspiring others to tap in for 2020. Centineo just launched a voting-themed gallery exhibit called "F**ck This I'm Voting" in collaboration with Castle, a members-only creators club launching in 2021.  

Cardi B

Cardi B has been one of the most vocal celebrities in the 2020 election. From offering her spirited feedback on the presidential debates — I actually think she'd be a good moderator — to questioning Biden about his proposed policies, the rapper has long been an advocate for people exercising their civic duties and making sure their voices are heard.

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