What It’s Like To Vote For Biden, Summed Up By One Boston “Dunkies” Lover

Photo: Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images.
As we continue to navigate what feels like the most stressful election in modern history, the internet continues to deliver us with small morsels of joy. And that's exactly what happened during an interview with a local Boston news station, WHDH when 29-year-old Laura Eastaugh channeled peak 2020 energy: thrilled to be out of the house, in love with her large cup of coffee, and voting for Biden… even though he was far from the optimal choice. 
“I wanted to vote at Fenway because we’ve all been cooped up inside for a little bit, and I’ve got my Dunkies,” Eastaugh told the television crew in a thick Bostonian accent and from a safe distance while wearing a mask. “I’m ready to vote for Joe Biden, but I wish I was voting for Bernie Sanders, but it’s a team sport.” 
Eastaugh unwittingly went viral, now known lovingly en masse as the Boston "Dunkies" woman who really is just all of us.
Eastaugh was one of hundreds of voters who cast their ballots early at Fenway Park, which was used as an early voting place so people could safely exercise their constitutional right to appoint their elected officials in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And while voter suppression and intimidation is actively ongoing — the president has been sowing seeds of doubt regarding the legitimacy of mail-in voting, and some state governors are using the pandemic to shut down polling places — Eastaugh was all about expressing her patriotic feels on Saturday. 
“I did have my Patriots jersey on and I was wearing a green plaid dress, which looked very Boston St. Patrick’s Day,” Eastaugh told BuzzFeed’s David Mack during a recent phone interview, yielding some extreme Boston vibes. "We even listened to Dropkick Murphys on the way in the car. I can’t think of anything more Boston than voting at Fenway Park with a Dunkies.” 
To date, more than 27 million people have already voted in this year’s presidential election — a historic early-voter turnout. At this point in the 2016 presidential election, only 578,147 ballots had been cast. So if you, like Eaustaugh, want to vote early (with or without your Dunkies and Patriots swag) you can check your voter registration here, find information about early voting laws and polling places in your community here, and register for an absentee ballot here
This election cycle has been exhausting, to say the least, and no one knows how it will end. But one thing is for certain: Ken Bone, you can step aside. There’s a new voter capturing the hearts of Americans, and she’s far from undecided.

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