After Spending The Weekend Sulking On The Beach, Demi Lovato’s Ex Is Releasing A Breakup Song

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.
During those moments when you worry that you're being overdramatic, think about Max Ehrich, and breathe a sigh of relief. You may throw a small tantrum here or there, but did you stage a photoshoot of yourself sulking at the place where you proposed to your ex?
Didn't think so.
Ever since Demi Lovato and her ex Ehrich called off their short-lived engagement, the antics have only escalated. The Young and the Restless went on Instagram Live several times to express his public outrage at Lovato, first claiming that he heard about their breakup through tabloids (which Lovato vehemently denies), and then called the subsequent song that she released about their relationship on September 30, "Still Have Me," a "PR stunt." People poked fun and even criticized the actor for his over-the-top teary monologues, accusing him of milking his breakup with the star for attention.
This weekend proved however, that Ehrich was just warming up. The actor went full soap opera star and went to the beach where he proposed to Lovato. In what look like hilariously staged pictures à la Ben Affleck meme, he sits on the sand praying; he lays down on the sand on the phone; he gets his cargo pants wet in the water as he stares out to the horizon.
And to top it off, Ehrich announced that he'll be releasing his own single about his ex on October 16. According to TMZ, the song is
"about the night he met Demi, and it tells the story of his inner dialogue -- being terrified of falling in love with her because he knew their relationship was the real deal."
While a lot of people are relishing in the drama because it's getting so ridiculous, there's a point at which it starts to get less funny, and turns to harassment. With everything going on in the world, especially given Lovato's fragile mental health, this public mess can't be helping, and could even be hurting. Someone just give this guy a Daytime Emmy for this performance and send him on his way.

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