Demi Lovato’s New Song “Still Have Me” Is The Ultimate Breakup Anthem

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The drama of Demi Lovato’s relationship with ex-fiancé Max Ehrich has unfortunately hit the timeline, and it’s gotten ugly between the exes. But Lovato is working through her complicated feelings about the split in the best way she knows how to — through her music
All of Lovato’s private business has been displayed in the public eye thanks to Ehrich, who’s been sharing his feelings about the sudden end of their relationship on social media. The stars ended their engagement two months after the Ehrich popped the question, with many believing that the actor’s problematic Twitter history is to blame. Ehrich claimed that he learned of his breakup via social media, criticizing Lovato for trying to push a narrative about him that was untrue.
Now, it looks like the pop star is finally addressing the series of unfortunate events through a new track. Today, Lovato dropped “Still Have Me” on social media, and the track is a heartbreakingly beautiful song about working through the feelings of loss and disappointment that come with ending a relationship. In short, it’s almost definitely about Ehrich.
"Music is always there for me," Lovato captioned the new song on Twitter.
“I'm a mess and I'm still broken, but I'm finding my way back,” Lovato sings in a sad, quiet voice. “And it feels like someone's stolen all the light I ever had.”
“Everything around me shattered, all the highs are now just low,” she continues. “But it doesn't even matter cause I'd rather be alone.”
Even in the midst of her heartbreak, Lovato is holding on tightly to to the one thing that she can’t lose in the process: herself. Things may not have turned out the way she envisioned they would months ago — when she got engaged, she shared that she was already planning on a future with Ehrich — but Lovato hasn’t lost sight of who she is.
“I don't have much, but at least I still have me,” Lovato sings on the chorus. “And that's all I need.”
People revealed that reconciling with the reality of her breakup has been incredibly difficult for Lovato, saying that she is devastated by how terribly things have gone. "It was very hurtful to Demi when she realized that Max's intentions weren't genuine," the source told People. ″Breaking off the engagement was not an easy decision."
But like "Still Have Me" promises, Lovato is fully focused on her healing amidst all of the drama. "[The breakup] is a good thing," concluded the insider. "[Demi] is doing okay."

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