Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Breaks News Of COVID Diagnosis On TikTok & It’s Not Funny

Photo: Stefani Reynolds/CNP/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
Claudia Conway has been waging a public battle against her parents, especially her mom, Kellyanne Conway, former senior Trump administration official, for a while now. Claudia's criticisms of Trump for courting white supremacists, locking children in cages, and mishandling the coronavirus pandemic have gone viral over the past few months. Some receive them as a meaningful cry for help while others decide a 15-year-old girl is not worth listening to.
Late last week, we went to bed (or awoke) to the news of the President and First Lady testing positive for coronavirus. Twitter was on fire with reactions, memes, worst-case-scenario breakdowns, and a slew of sanctimonious "don't wish ill on others" discourse. But over on TikTok, Conway was updating followers with the latest COVID news coming from the Conway house.
Claudia was the first to share the news that her mother tested positive for coronavirus. She confirmed the news only hours after joking about how her mom was coughing around the house, knowing she'd been exposed to someone who tested positive, President Trump. The following day, Claudia confirmed she too contracted the virus. 

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Kellyanne Conway shared official confirmation on Twitter, stating that she is only experiencing mild symptoms. On TikTok, Claudia has been detailing her developing symptoms, ultimately concluding she also has coronavirus.
Claudia should be leading the life of the average 15-year-old. It's not uncommon for teens to be at war with their parents, nor is it unusual for teens to air their grievances on social media. What is unique about Claudia's predicament is that she has a huge audience of people who mine her TikTok for breaking political news. It's important to note that in late August, Claudia was seeking emancipation and cited alleged "years of childhood abuse and trauma."

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