Your September Horoscope

September brings with it a positive new attitude — starting with the wee hours of September 2, when the Moon waxes full in sensitive Pisces, filling us with a sense of optimism. This Full Moon is supported by a sextile with innovation-leading Uranus in retrograde, revealing new solutions to old problems. 
On September 5, messenger Mercury makes his way into social Libra, opening our hearts to new and old connections. We’ll naturally be able to see both sides of an argument, and we’ll work well with others. Charming Venus enters into passionate Leo on September 6, creating a romantic atmosphere. This is an excellent transit for flirting, making grand gestures, and making our loved ones feel extra special. 
On September 9, warrior Mars stations retrograde in Aries. When the red planet moves in reverse, he encourages us to slow down and think less about making changes; instead, we become introspective. This is a good transit to practice patience, or to heal any inner wounds we’ve been grappling with. We'll be ready to begin forging ahead again when Mars stations direct in Aries on November 13. 
Starting September 12, Jupiter will station direct again in Capricorn, after being retrograde since May 14. We learned to become flexible and change our thinking as the planet of luck and abundance has moved in reverse, and now we’ll have a chance to strengthen our newly found habits. 
On September 22, the Sun moves to celebrate Libra's sign. This period encourages diplomacy; we’ll find it easier to create harmony, and we may feel pulled to experiment with our style a little too. Witty Mercury makes his way into strategic Scorpio on September 27. During this transit, we’ll have to be mindful of our focus —  we run the risk of getting too bogged down in the details. 
We’ll end the month on a happy and healthy note: Responsible Saturn, our planetary rulemaker stations direct in practical Capricorn on September 29, helping us to solidify all those beneficial new habits that we created for ourselves when the ringed planet started moving in reverse, back on May 11. 

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