As Logan Roy Would Say, Is HBO’s Succession Season 3 Even Fucking Filming Yet?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
The void we’ve been left in since the season 2 finale of HBO’s Succession feels almost as devastating as Greg and Tom’s big breakupalmost. Thankfully, we’ll be seeing our favorite dysfunctional family at the 2020 Emmy Awards (and hopefully get some well-deserved recognition).
But despite getting a quick Roy fix, we’re definitely jonesing for more. So, that leads us to the million — well, in this family’s case, billion — dollar question:
[Extremely Logan Roy accent] When are we getting a season fucking 3
Here’s what we know: Succession was definitely renewed for a third season (and was scheduled to release it this fall), put postponed production due to the coronavirus pandemic in March. HBO had said that writers were continuing to write remotely "where possible," but unfortunately, as of this article's publication, the show has not yet resumed production. 
In July, however, star Matthew Macfadyen (who plays Tom) told The Hollywood Reporter that the next season is expected to begin production this fall in New York, but that is subject to change depending on how COVID-19 develops in the coming months. Most recently, Succession showrunner and creator Jesse Armstrong told Variety that the team is planning to start filming back up again in New York before Christmas 2020. “Who knows if that’ll come about, but that’s the plan at the moment," he said.
Kieran Culkin (who plays Roman Roy), probably put it best: “The loose plan is to start shooting in late October, but who the fuck knows?”
The good news is that whatever is to come will include a lot more of the things fans love most about Succession, including, as Brian Cox (who plays Logan Roy) put it, "fireworks" between ruthless patriarch Logan and his son Kendall Roy. And there could maybe be more of a focus on the youngest Roy, Roman, this season, since Season 1 mostly focused on Kendall, and Season 2 about Shiv Roy. "Maybe next year is Roman's turn," Culkin told Vulture last fall.
Some fans might also be relieved to know that it doesn't seem like Succession will deal with the coronavirus, much like other dramas who've picked back up production have said. Sara Snook (Shiv Roy) recently told Variety that if Armstrong does include it, he “wants to be delicate about it and just classy," but nothing "that is so overt that is going to really tackle it head on, because that’s not the show."
“We want to see the Roys doing the thing that they’ve been doing that we love, not pivoting towards a pandemic story," Snook continued.
It makes sense. We probably couldn't take any more drama than we already have between the Roy family and the executives at Waystar Royco. But we're ready — and so is the cast. Cox said that Armstrong revealed the plans for the upcoming season, and and even he's on the edge of his seat. "It's jolly exciting, that's all I can say … and it's very, very surprising what's going to happen. "

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