I Already Miss Succession — Here’s Everything We Know About The Next Season

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Because Succession is the best show on television, it makes sense that it has already been renewed for a third season. If I had my way, it would be renewed through season 10, ending with Shiv Roy finally winning her seat as CEO of Waystar Royco at the tender age of 65 , a la the real-life Shari Redstone. Alas, HBO has not yet asked me for input about my favorite show. (Despite my numerous attempts to offer it to them.)
Anyway, if you're reading this, you probably know all about Succession obsession, so here's everything else we know about season 3 so far after that stunning season two finale twist.

It will likely return in 2020.

Succession season two was back almost a year to the day following season one's dramatic finale. So, based on that timeline — and the fact that the HBO writer's know that their dialogue is basically Twitter's lifeblood and we need it to survive — we can expect season three to premiere in fall 2020.

All the Roy kids will be back to bicker.

What is Succession without its successors? Although the show does feature death fairly prominently — the tragic death of the wedding waiter, Lester's not-so-tragic passing, and the mysterious death of a cruise staff member — I don't see any of the kids dying or leaving their daddy's side anytime soon.

It will feature more amazing music from Nicholas Brittell.

Half the fun of watching Succession is listening to it, and that's all thanks to a genius named Nicholas Brittell. The composer — and self-proclaimed hip hop-head — is responsible for the show's stunning, and Emmy-winning, score and soundtrack. In conjunction with the show's season two finale, he even linked up with Pusha T to release the most unexpected collab of the year: a remix of the show's opening theme song.

The tallest Unofficial Roy, Greg the Egg, will find love (I hope).

In an interview ahead of season two, Nicholas Braun, who plays the lanky and $5 million rich Greg says he hoped that his beloved character would find some love in the fucked Roy world. Roman, Shiv, Kendall, Conor, and Logan all have their respective partners (all shades of companionship are represented here), but Greg still only has his frenemy Tom, and his park coke drug dealer friends.
Someone give Greg someone to love.

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