These Are Hands Down The Best Docuseries Of 2020

Photo: Andy Lyons /Allsport.
Thanks to the ever-growing selection of online streaming services and their ever-growing list of choices, docuseries are more popular than ever before. One minute you're looking for something to watch, and the next thing you know, you're six episodes deep into a series that started out being about big cat collectors and ended up being about a murder-for-hire scheme. In 2020, the best docuseries cover a wide variety of topics, from sports to politics to, yes, the large amount of tigers secretly living in this country.
At this year's Emmys, the best docuseries are being honored in the Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series category, but the nominees aren't the only series worth checking out. The following slideshow gives a rundown of seven of the most well-received documentary series from this year, along with where you can watch them. You can feel very fancy and cultured with a PBS series about the arts, dive into one of the many true crime docuseries that have premiered in recent years, or learn more about the very real thing that is McDonald's Monopoly fraud.
It doesn't matter who wins the Emmy (at least as a viewer), what matters is that you have something to adequately distract you during this ridiculous year. Any of these series will work just fine.

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