19 Pop Culture References That Make For Fantastic 2020 Halloween Costumes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
This has been a truly wild year. It feels like so much has happened but also nothing has happened, and how are we even talking about 2020 Halloween costumes when it still feels like it's March? But time actually has progressed and we're now in Spooky Season.
Even in a year as strange as 2020, pop culture stops for no one. and there were some pretty major TV, music, and celebrity moments this year. They make for great Halloween costumes whether you're attending a Zoom party or just chilling with your roommates at home.
Because so much of 2020 has been dedicated to more serious news, it's easy to forget some of the more lighthearted celebrity and entertainment moments from 2020— especially anything that happened in the Before Times (a.k.a. January and February). Take a walk down memory lane through the fun parts of 2020 (I promise there are a few!), and get inspired for this year's Halloween — at home, most likely — with these fun pop culture-inspired costumes.
They all go well with masks, of course, and some even demand them. We may be in some ~unprecedented times~, but we can still celebrate the annual fall tradition of posting our carefully selected costume photos on Instagram.
Halloween is a time for frights, costumes, and fun, but this year is a little different. You can still do all of those things, but please make sure to practice proper social distancing measures, avoid large gatherings, and remember every costume is best paired with a mask. Refinery29 is your one-stop Halloween shop when it comes to ways to celebrate safely. Enjoy!

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