Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Created This Workout Just For You (& A Friend)

Photo: courtesy of Melissa Alcantara.
Gyms may still be closed due to coronavirus, but it's surprising how great a workout you can get at home. One thing that can't be replaced, though, is your gym buddy — that person who encourages you to stick with it when you want to quit mid-workout, or makes eyes at you when the instructor unwittingly makes a funny double entendre. That's why Melissa Alcantara, most famously known for being Kim Kardashian's trainer, developed this virtual workout that's designed to be done with a friend.
"Your partner will go head to head with you, and you will push each other," says Alcantara, who recently partnered with Messenger to show how digital accountability can help you stay on track towards your fitness goals. "Use the energy bouncing off each other! Don't stop, stay focused, and keep going together."
First, call up a friend or two on any video conferencing platform you like. (You can do this with someone IRL too, if you've got a quarantine squad.) Then, set yourself a timer. You'll perform each exercise for one minute, with no breaks in between moves. After completing all three exercises, take a one-minute break, then restart the circuit. Alcantara recommends doing five rounds — or whatever feels good to you.
"It can be hard, especially as more rounds pass and you’re tired and sweaty," Alcantara says. But you have your gym buddy — cheer each other on, and it'll be over and you'll have transitioned to virtual happy hour before you know it.

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