August’s New Moon In Leo Will Feel Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

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New moons, when the moon isn't visible in the night sky, are traditionally a time of reflection. And Tuesday's new moon is particularly powerful for two reasons: One, it's in the fiery and fun sign of Leo. And two, it's also the second time we're getting a new moon in a 30-day span — there was a new moon in Cancer on July 20 — so the energy it's bringing will be especially intense.
"A fire sign ruled by the sun, Leo is all about basking in the glory of being ourselves and our personal uniqueness," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, tells Refinery29. "And after experiencing the past few intense new moons, this one certainly feels like a breath of fresh air." She means we'll have a chance to reflect on self-love. And as we enter yet another week of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when our president is apparently attempting to sabotage the 2020 election right before our eyes, and in the midst of the ongoing fight for racial equality — this kind of breath of fresh air is just what we need.
"Communication guru Mercury will be sitting exactly next to both the sun and the moon, aligning our mind and our sense of identity with our heart," Montúfar says. This has been a tough, life-changing year, in which our collective identity has greatly suffered, the astrologer explains. "However, as the rays of the sun illuminate the new insights and information being downloaded, the path toward a brighter future could seem, all of a sudden, actually possible." 
As we mentioned before, this new moon is relatively close on the heels of the last one, and the resulting fierce energy will supercharge your manifestation practice, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust. Now's the time to focus on your dreams. "The night before, there’s a magical Black Moon, which is the most powerful time for self-love rituals," she adds. Draw yourself a bubble bath, put on your favorite meditation, and let yourself relax as you prepare for the celestial happening.
"This luminary creates a Grand Fire Trine with Mars, who’s in Aries, and the karmic South Node of Destiny, who’s in Sagittarius," Stardust points out. She says that these transits make this new moon a great time for us to boost our confidence from within — but we'll get there by taking positive action. "Giving back by donating to charity will serve as a wonderful way to elevate and give love to others, not just ourselves," Stardust says. There are plenty of causes and organizations to donate to at the moment — Black Lives Matter, the Loveland Foundation, or the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to name a few.
Along with giving back, Montúfar says that this luminary will also bring us the spark we need to keep fighting for what's right. "The fire coming from Mars in Aries grants us not only the fuel, but the courage and the initiative to make moves and take the lead," she explains. As we inch closer to a historic presidential election, now's the time to channel the fiery Leo energy — charge ahead, let your voice be heard, and remind yourself not to give up when times get tough.
Mars in Aries is also square to Saturn and is still aspecting Pluto right now, Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, tells Refinery29. "Mars-Pluto is indicative of harsh energy that can bring out the shadow side of our nature if we are dealing with unpleasant or insecure situations," she cautions. Translation: This isn't a negative transit, but it can turn sour if not handled with care. "Mars-Saturn is a transit indicative of frustration and restrictive circumstances," she says. "But with the beautiful Venus-Uranus energies and bright and expansive Leo moon, we should be able to overcome the more negative aspects."
On a personal level, the one thing to watch out for during the new moon in Leo is burning out, Montúfar says. "With all the planets mentioned above in fire signs, it can be way too easy to try and do too much at once," she says. "There is no better way to channel fire than being creative," she notes. Whether it's in your work or in your daily life, approach each task in a new, experimental way. This might just prevent you from feeling overwhelmed this month.

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