Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Maps Out All Of Trump’s Lies That Voters Must Reconcile With

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In case you couldn’t tell based on conservative lawyer George Conway co-founding an entire super PAC hell-bent on making sure President Donald Trump doesn’t see a second term, he made his thoughts on Trump abundantly clear in a new opinion piece.
On Monday, Conway – politically conservative but anti-Trump – published an op-ed with The Washington Post laying out the unreasonable compromises voters have to reconcile with in order to support Trump. While his list is far from all-inclusive, the husband of White House presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway and outspoken critic of Trump paints a damning picture colored by lies, racism, and corruption.
“I believe that if Biden is elected, there will be ‘no religion, no anything’ and he would confiscate all guns, ‘immediately and without notice.’ He would ‘abolish’ ‘our great,’ ‘beautiful suburbs,’ not to mention ‘the American way of life.’ There would be ‘no windows, no nothing’ in buildings,” writes Conway, voicing what someone choosing to vote for Trump would have to agree with or at least be willing to turn a blind eye to in order to support his reelection.
Conway continues, “I believe the ‘books’ and ‘manuals,’ if someone would just read them, say ‘you can test too much’ for COVID-19. I believe we now have 5 million cases because we test so much, and that the president was right to slow testing down, unless he was kidding – in which case he was right not to.”
“I believe it isn’t racist to call the coronavirus ‘kung flu’ or ‘the China Virus.’ It isn’t racially divisive to say Black Lives Matter is a ‘symbol of hate,’ to celebrate Confederate generals as part of our ‘Great American Heritage,’ or to share video of someone shouting ‘white power,’ which, like displaying the Confederate flag, is ‘freedom of speech.’”
The lies don't end there, though: he also includes Trump’s attempts to frame a 75-year-old protester in Buffalo, New York as an anti-fascist plant after he was injured by police; his well wishes for accused accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell; his attacks on the validity of mail-in voting despite mailing in his own ballot; and Trump’s attempts to make “Obamagate” happen.
Conway's list is quite damning to Trump, particularly coming from his own party. But it should come as no surprise from the anti-Trump PAC founder, either. Conway is one of eight Republicans who co-founded and run the Lincoln Project, a conservative super PAC that aims to “defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box” in 2020.
Drawing inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, the PAC is focusing its efforts on “knitting the nation back together spiritually as well as politically.” One of its most recent efforts includes a Twitter campaign, called #LincolnVoter, which encouraged former Republican voters to share the reasons they left the political party and decided to vote for a Democratic candidate. As early as Tuesday morning, The Lincoln Project also released their latest video called "Trump evictions," detailing how many Americans will need to move out of their homes after Trump denied extending an additional $600 a week for unemployment.
The Lincoln Project may be a self-congratulatory space for Republicans who are taking a stand against Trump, but Conway's essay is unavoidable. When reviewing Trump’s blunders and problematic ideas in the form of a list of statements — or rather, pledges — voters must really consider what they are supporting in November.

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