Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Celebrate Their Unique Styles With A New Nail Launch

Photo: Courtesy of Coastal Craze.
When salons first closed amid the pandemic earlier this year, many of us quickly became our own nail artists, picking up the file and mastering our manicure skills out of necessity. Sisters and TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio took time to focus on their nails during quarantine, too — by collaborating with nail-care brand Orosa Beauty to create a collection with two polish sets unique to their distinctive styles.
The Coastal Craze by Charli + Dixie D'Amelio collection, which launches today, is a meaningful passion project for the pair, who were involved in every aspect of creating these polishes. "Orosa really gave us free rein to make this launch 100% us," Charli tells Refinery29 in a phone interview. "We were able to take creative control and pick colors that we love." Dixie adds, "Every part of the line, from the colors to the names, is important to us."
Those personal touches are not only inspired by who they are as people, but also their friends, favorite memories, and travels. They each curated four polishes in the collection that are specific to their styles: Charli's set features bright pops of color from purple to red, and Dixie chose softer hues, like gray and baby pink. "People know that Charli's very bright and breezy, and I'm less showy and more natural, so I think the colors won't be a surprise," Dixie says.
So why are the TikTok megastars, who rose to fame with dance renditions and challenges, launching nail polish? The sisters say they have a longtime love of all things nails, especially when it comes to creating a sense of self-care in their busy lives. Charli recalls having long nails since the seventh grade, and finding fulfillment in having them painted during salon visits. "I've always loved getting my nails done. It's my self-care routine that I really couldn't go without," she says. Dixie adds, "I was always super lazy and wouldn't care about them, but now my nails are so long and when they're done, it's a self-care step for me because I feel so put-together."
Charli and Dixie's shared passion for nail care has been a fitting hobby for their extra time at home these last few months. Although they say TikTok has given them access to nail tips, like gel removal and product recommendations, patience was one thing they couldn't learn on social media. "It was a real struggle in the beginning, but after practicing a lot, I've taught myself that I can do it," says Charli, who praises the Orosa polishes for easy application and fast drying. For Dixie, it's all about taking care of her nails to have a healthy base for polishes. "I'm just being more careful and letting my nails grow. Taking care of my nails makes the polish look even better," she says.
Whether you're looking to perfect your own skills or take a pop of color to your next appointment, the duo wants everyone who snags the set to feel like they're walking away with a piece of them. For the D'Amelios, whether it's online or IRL, they want fans to know that their projects truly represent them. As Dixie says, "When we get behind something, we care about it. I hope people see that, and they know that we actually love everything we made."
The Coastal Craze by Charli + Dixie D'Amelio collection will be available at 11 a.m. PST at Orosa Beauty.

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