Megan Thee Stallion Thanks Her Fans For Their Support

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Two weeks after being involved in a dangerous incident that caused her to sustain gunshot injuries, Megan thee Stallion is sharing details about the situation, and her explanation of how things went down is breaking the hearts of Hotties everywhere.
Megan thee Stallion has been keeping a low profile following the weekend incident involving R&B singer Tory Lanez, but she’s finally ready to talk about what happened. 
As reported, the rapper and Lanez were detained by Los Angeles police after a domestic disturbance was reported nearby. After searching the vehicle that the stars were riding in, the LAPD found a concealed weapon inside. Further investigation into the situation revealed that Megan had been injured; her feet were bleeding at the scene, and she was limping, so the police initially assumed that she had stepped on broken glass. However, the Houston rapper had actually been shot in the foot.
While Lanez was taken into custody for possession of a concealed weapon, thee Stallion was rushed to the hospital to have the bullets removed from her feet. Thankfully, the bullets had missed bones and tendons, and the subsequent surgery to remove them was a success.
As Megan recovered at home, the world began to speculate about the series of unfortunate events that led to her shooting, posing a number of theories about what exactly could have happened. Today, she addressed the rumors head-on and provided some context for fans that were concerned for her well-being.
Megan began her Instagram Live by shouting out the fans who had shown her so much love while she laid low online. As of late, the social media scene has been noticeably supportive of the Houston rapper, marked by positive tweets wishing her well and promising to defend her. She made sure to acknowledge the concerted effort from the Hotties, saying that she was grateful.
"Thank God for all the Hotties and my supporters that I see have had my back through these times," Megan said. "I want to say 'thank y'all so much' because y'all have really been the ones that have been helping me through this."
She also revealed that the reason why her social circle had expanded to include people who "didn't give [her] the good energy [she] gave to them" was because she was still grieving the loss of her mother and her grandmother, who both passed away in March 2019. Surrounding herself with people was a way to try to get over the pain of losing some of the most important role models in her life, but the 25-year-old shared that it had only hurt her in the end.
"It's a lot. Imagine being 25 and not having either of your parents," Megan explained tearfully. "I'm still not really over try to fill up that space with people who you think are making you happy."
"I was moving really fast," she continued. "I wasn't taking enough time for myself. I thought I was ready to be around motherfuckers like that."
Megan also provided important details from the shooting to clear up the misconceptions floating around the internet: she had been shot in both of her feet, and she did not "put hands" on anyone or do anything that would warrant be assaulted. She didn't give more information about how exactly the shooting happened or who was responsible for shooting her.
At the end of the day, Megan stressed to her fans, the traumatic incident was eye-opening for her in more ways than one; more than anything, it taught her that she had to protect her energy. Not just from the person who had put her in danger, but also from the people making light of her very serious situation. Still, she's not worried about getting them together — karma will soon be on its way.
"A lot of y'all...don't have any morals or a code to stand on," Megan said. "That's on y'all. Karma will take care of ya ass."
"A bitch is alive and well and strong as fuck," she concluded with a bright smile. "I'm ready to get back to get back to programming with my own hot girl shit."

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