Karena Dawn’s Favorite Core Exercises For WFH Back Pain & More

Photo: Courtesy of Karena Dawn.
Core workouts forever. That's Karena Dawn's mantra, anyway. Why is the Chief Wellness Officer of CBD company ALTWELL and the co-founder of the super-popular Tone It Up fitness programs such a fan of core work? Because it has secret superpowers. Like relief from back pain.
That's right. Thanks to coronavirus, many of us are still on that work from home wave, and our makeshift "home office" set-ups often aren't the best for our backs. I've found my own shoulders tensing up after a long day at my kitchen table, and my lower back feeling off-kilter once I've made my way to the couch. Plus, we're stressed — and anxiety often manifests as back pain.
That's where your core comes in. It's the foundation of your body, Dawn tells Refinery29. When it's strong, you can do everything better — from lifting heavier weights at the gym to standing up straighter all day long. "Developing a stronger core can also help stave off back pain and discomfort by providing greater support to your spine," she says.
We asked Dawn to develop an equipment-free workout plan that targets your core, including the muscles in your abs, hips, lower back, and pelvic floor. Perform 12 reps of each of these moves, then repeat the whole circuit three times — resting for 60 seconds between rounds — to target every inch of your core. Happy sweating!

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