These 4th Of July Sex Tips Are Explosive

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
July 4 is all about banging. And we’re not talking about fireworks. There are plenty of reasons this holiday is hotter than hot. The steamy weather means folks are usually showing some skin. They’re often a little bit tipsy. Many people have a day off work, so the mood is carefree. All of this sets the stage for a sexy hookup.
“Holidays are there to give us space to celebrate and relax,” says Shula Melamed, a relationship and wellbeing coach. We may not be feeling our most patriotic this July 4, and we'll be wearing face masks to our usual BBQs, if we attend at all (we are in a global pandemic, after all). But even so, the day offers us an opportunity to see a few friends and escape from the stressors the first half of 2020 brought us — and what better way to make the most of this reprieve than by getting busy?
I'm a firm believer that holidays are special, and therefore are a great time to break a lovemaking routine and get out of your comfort zone. To really light up your sex life this Independence Day, sample one or more of these expert-backed tips.

Try temperature play 

In much of the country, the weather outside this time of year is hot and humid, so adding a little cold to your hookup can take things to the next level, Melamed says. Put ice in your mouth as you kiss and lick your partner. To make the cool sensations extra intense, consider blindfolding them with a bandana (with their consent, of course).

Role play 

Due to coronavirus, most of us probably won't be traveling very far on July 4 this year. To make up for this, Melamed suggests incorporating a travel scenario into your role play. “You could imagine you’re meeting somebody spontaneously on holiday weekend, or you’re stuck somewhere together,” Melamed says. Take things to the next level by setting the stage: Fill your tub, light a tropical candle, and transform your powder room into a private island — where just you and your lover are stranded.

Use red, white, & blue

It shouldn't be hard to find a white-ish condom. Add in a strawberry-flavored dental dam or lube for the red, and incorporate a blue sex toy such as Lelo’s Hugo wireless vibrator, which comes in aqua. Talk about festive.  

Get loud

If you've been wanting to let loose and have a really noisy romp without disturbing your neighbors, time your roll in the hay to when the fireworks are going off in your town or city.

Try a new position 

Mix up your lovemaking with a position you’ve never tried before, Melamad suggests. You may end up discovering a new angle you'll incorporate into your romps for the rest of your life. Or you'll hate it, but you and your partner will always look back and laugh at the memory. "Hey, remember that Independence Day we tried anal?"
Side note: We're probably more likely than usual to overdose on the sun this Independence Day, after being cooped up for months. Here are the positions that Melamad says won't aggravate the burn: scissoring, oral, 69-ing, and doggy style.


If you're staying home this holiday, Melamad recommends getting in the car with your partner and taking a drive to nowhere. You can chase the fireworks displays around your area, and eventually pull over somewhere super private and, ahem, steam up the windows a little.

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