The Love Triangle Drama On Listen To Your Heart Escalates In This Exclusive Date Clip

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
When we started the journey to musical love that is ABC's Listen to Your Heart, the series’ central love triangle seemed obvious: the battle between Ryan Neal and Trevor Holmes for the heart of Jaime Gabrielle. But, as we get further into the Bachelor Nation spin-off, it becomes more obvious with each episode that we were wrong. 
Listen to Your Heart isn’t about a love triangle — it’s about a love square between Julia Rae, Brandon Mills, and their respective love interests, Sheridan Reed and Savannah Mullins. Monday’s episode “Week 3” seemed to confirm the romantic discord between these four contestants was over; Brandon settled on Savannah and Julia stayed with Sheridan, who had been loyal to her through various painful ups and downs. 
Yet, an exclusive clip from Listen to Your Heart’s upcoming fourth episode “Week 4” (seen below) proves the drama is only just getting started. 
In the sneak peek, we see Julia and Brandon on a date together, suggesting “Week 4” will reveal some major shake ups in the Listen house. Julia and Brandon toast to their romance in iconic West Hollywood venue The Roxy while working on their music. It is unclear if the pair is simply riffing — as Bri Strauss and Chris Watson did on their “Week 2” Guitar Center date — or prepping for Listen's new weekly musical duels. The former theory seems more possible, since Julia still has Sheridan on the brain. 
“Today is make it or break it for Brandon and I. Purely because, if something's there, it would seem wrong not to pursue it,” Julia says. “But obviously that means we would be sending Savannah and Sheridan home.” 
This ruthless romantic outlook is in-line with Julia’s more recent comments about her search for love in Listen. “I really only wanted to stay [on the show] if I felt a romantic connection with someone,” she told PeopleTV in an April 2020 Zoom interview. “Because it’s not fun to do the music and pursue music with someone you don’t feel that with in the context of a romance and dating show.” 
Watch the clip below to see the shocking way Sheridan reacts to Julia’s surprise Listen date with Brandon — and whether he’s convinced he’ll be going home by the end of “Week 4.”
Video: Courtesy of ABC.

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