Okay, Fine. What Happened When Trevor From Listen To Your Heart Was On American Idol?

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The Bachelor Presents Listen to Your Heart is only just beginning, but it's already clear who the stars of the season are going to be. After immediately landing in a love triangle and proceeding to have a John Mayer-off, Listen to Your Heart's Trevor Holmes has positioned himself as one to watch. Trevor was on American Idol in 2018, but it looks like this reality TV experience is going to be way different for him.
On Listen to Your Heart, we find out that Trevor auditioned for American Idol (again. and again. and again) and that judge Katy Perry called him hot, but as far as details, that's about it. If, however, you demand to know details of at Trevor's experience on the show, his Instagram account documents all of it.

When Was Trevor Holmes On American Idol?

The journey began on Instagram (surprise, surprise) when, back in January 2018, Trevor wrote, "Guys!! I have really exciting news but I can’t tell you until January 21st. It’s a huge step in my career, I’ve been up in the Tahoe mountains training like rocky 😜stay posted!"
The next step in Trevor's Instagram journey happened on March 4, 2018. "One week until the premiere of @americanidol!!" he wrote. "I’m so excited I feel like my head is going to explode."
Riveting stuff.
And if you want to know exactly how Trevor tied his shoes and carried a guitar out of his apartment the day of his American Idol audition, fear not, he documented that part too.
Yes, the woman you see in the video is the ex-girlfriend who gets brought up in episode 2 of Listen.
From there, the journey intensified. Trevor was interviewed by a local Los Angeles news station ahead of the American Idol premiere, and posted a video on the day of the premiere thanking those who followed his career prior to the show.

How Far Did Trevor Holmes Get On American Idol?

Trevor made it through the first round of auditions, meaning he got to go to Hollywood Week. He and his girlfriend at the time made a video of him heading out to film that episode. But, after making it to the top 50, he was sent home. For the uninitiated, while Top 50 isn't too shabby, that also means Trevor didn't make it to the main competition on Idol.
"This may be the end of my @americanidol journey, but best believe it’s only the beginning!" Trevor posted. "I made so many amazing friends on the show and won over so many incredible fans that I know will stay with [me] on my journey. In fact. I’ll be releasing my first song in a few days!!!" (That single is called "Walls".) Trevor also went on to attend the American Idol finale. He marked the occasion by posting a photo of himself with an Alpaca. It's unclear whether or not these events were related, but hey, look at that cute lil' fuzzy animal.

What Happened With Katy Perry & Trevor On American Idol?

A year after the show aired, Trevor celebrated the anniversary of his audition by posting a video that shows exactly how distracted Katy Perry was after seeing him for the first time. He was trying to talk about his mom being sick and working in construction, and all she wanted to do was talk about him being attractive — and not be called "ma'am." (Trevor's moment is not to be confused with the controversial kiss Perry gave another 2018 contestant.)
Clearly, being on American Idol had a huge effect on Trevor's life. But no matter how that all went down, I'd wager nothing could prepare him for the drama he's facing by entering Bachelor Nation.
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