Gigi Hadid Dispels Fan Theory About Her Pregnancy To Jimmy Fallon

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
If you thought that Gigi Hadid was going to pull a Kylie Jenner and make fans wait months before she officially confirmed her reported pregnancy — nope! Hadid is spilling all the tea on her big news on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, including what really went down at her birthday party. 
Hours after mom Yolanda admitted on a radio show Thursday that Hadid was having a baby with recently on-again boyfriend Zayn Malik, Hadid appeared on Fallon’s remote talk show to set the record straight. Yes, she is having a baby! Though her pregnancy is something she admitted would have been better to reveal herself before media outlets stepped in, she told Fallon that social distancing with her family and Malik came at a good time. 
“Especially during this time, it’s a nice silver lining to be home and together and really experience [the pregnancy] day to day,” Hadid told Fallon. 
Hadid also seemingly cleared the air about her birthday party, which many fans thought could have doubled as a sex reveal event as well. Some fans on social media noticed in posts from Hadid’s 25th birthday party that many of the decorations — including the strings on her “25” balloons — were blue and pink. Though Hadid didn’t necessarily shut down that theory, it sounds like her birthday party had a lot of other stuff going on. Most importantly, an everything bagel cake. 
“We did a breakfast party of a few people, and a dinner party with the same few people. We tried to make it a day. In the morning, my family brought out an everything bagel cake, which...made me cry because that’s my craving, I have an everything bagel every day,” she explained. “Then I found out that Buddy, the Cake Boss, made my cake.”
Check out the clip from the interview below:

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