Natascha’s Friend Sierra From Listen To Your Heart Has Dealt With Reality TV Drama Before

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Two years after his stint on American Idol, Trevor Holmes' ex-girlfriend Sierra Nielsen can't shake the reality TV attention. She became a talking point on American Idol, because judge Katy Perry was jokingly flirting with Trevor all the time. And now Sierra's name has been brought up on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, thanks to new contestant Natascha Bessez is the one who brought Sierra up, because Natascha is her friend and as friend, she wanted answers from Trevor.
The new Listen to Your Heart contestant said she'd never met Trevor, but that she knew his ex-girlfriend Sierra. Natascha and Sierra are seemingly good friends, according to their interactions on social media, including Sierra commenting positive things on Natascha's Twitter selfies and cheering Natascha on during Listen to Your Heart.  
In her conversation with Trevor, Natascha accused Trevor of lying and cheating before his breakup with Sierra a year and a half ago. Trevor admitted that there had been lying as well as "emotionally cheating," but he claimed to not have physically cheated on Sierra. He also explained to Jamie Gabrielle, his romantic partner on Listen to Your Heart, that he probably stayed in the relationship for too long for fear of hurting Sierra, although he acknowledged that he ended up hurting her anyway.
In any case, Sierra's got to be pretty tired of her dating life being the subject of multiple reality TV shows. Back on American Idol, she watched good-naturedly as Katy Perry openly flirted with Trevor in front of her. During one performance, Sierra jokingly called from the audience, "Katy, I'm watching you!" Trevor replied with a smile, "That's my girlfriend up there," to which Perry said, "Well it's not your fiancée, so…" This came after Trevor admitted that it was going to be weird playing to both Perry and also to his girlfriend sitting in the audience behind the judges. 
But even with the "love triangle," as Trevor called it, playing out on screen, Sierra remained pretty chill about the whole thing. "I was fully supportive of it. We all have celebrity crushes," she said while holding Trevor's hand during an interview with Good Morning America. "Katy and I hugged and we laughed about it and I even told her we could share him." 
However, eventually their relationship ended and on Listen To Your Heart, Natascha claims this happened because of emotional cheating. "My girlfriend really suffered," Natascha told Trevor. She seemed upset when Jamie continued to get closer to Trevor despite his past, and both Jamie and Trevor seemed annoyed that Natascha made it through the rose ceremony. This drama may continue into the next episode if Natascha feels like she still needs to defend Sierra and get more answers from Trevor.
Unfortunately for Sierra, her reality TV story just won't end.
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